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Midwest Family Care Caregiver of the Month Sam Finds a Second Mom in a Client

This month, we are profiling May Caregiver of the Month, Nizam "Sam" Hajjeh. Our care coordinators chose Sam as for many reasons:

• Sam always shows up on-time for shifts. • He works longer, night shifts. • He stays in touch with the administrative office. • His clients consistently provide positive feedback.

Here are Sam's answers to questions about his caregiving experience:

1.) What factors or experiences led to your interest as a caregiver?

I cared for my late parents before they passed away and I saw the joy they experienced through my care for them. I wanted to share that with others to give them the same joy.

2.) Are there any stand-out moments or meaningful clients who made an impression on you?

I have a client named Elma, who made me feel as though my Mom is back. She cares for me as much as I care for her.

3.) What advice do you have for current or for future caregivers?

My advice to current or future caregivers is to be professional, take their job seriously, and treat the clients as if they were family.

4.) How would you describe Midwest Family Care?

Midwest Family Care has high ideals with helping others, and I am happy to be part of that.

5.) What would you say to anyone who wants to be a caregiver?

To be a caregiver, a person must have a big heart, compassion, and work ethics.

As Caregiver of the month, Sam gets a $25 gift card and stainless steel water bottle.

Congratulations, Sam, and keep up the great work!

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