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Website Update and Scavenger Hunt

New Look, Same Mission

We thought it was time for a website refresh, so we gave our website a facelift.

In addition to a new look, we've tried to make the site more user-friendly and modern. We've added:

  • An "Upcoming Events" section where you can learn and RSVP

  • An easy way to apply for our open job opportunities

  • Site animations, for a modern look and feel

To spread the word about our site update, we are introducing a website scavenger hunt. If you email us with the answers to these quick questions, you will be entered to win a $25 gift card from the store of your choice. Happy hunting!

  1. We have been in business since what year?

  2. Who is the Midwest Family Care President?

  3. What are our four services?

  4. Name one of our care coordinators.

  5. For what jobs are we hiring?

To reply, or if you have any questions/comments about the website update, please send an email to

Administrative staff are not eligible, but we welcome our caregivers to participate.

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