Midwest Family Care
Dedicated to providing singular

home care and care management 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has your company been in business?

Midwest Family Care recently celebrated our 23rd anniversary. We opened for business in April of 1996.

Who owns and manages your company?

Robert Weink is Founder and CEO of Midwest Family Care—a privately-owned, Madison-based, and locally-grown company having no ties to a corporate franchise. We believe this to be a key competitive advantage to defining and delivering the highest quality care relationships. Large enough to have the resources to recruit and retain the best caregivers, we are small enough to be ‘nimble’ and to provide customized care.

Has your company ever been sued or issued a citation?

Midwest Family Care has never been sued or issued a citation of any kind.

Are your workers bonded and insured?

Yes, our employees are bonded and insured. 

Do you perform employee background checks?

Midwest Family Care begins its screening process during the very first phone call. This is where the majority of potential caregivers are disqualified. Checks are made for both professional and personal references, criminal background, reverse social security number, driver license record, and certified nurse aide registry check.

Does your company have a licensed nurse on staff?

Midwest Family Care's Vice President, Kate Weink, is a registered nurse (RN).


Additionally, we have a licensed practical nurse (LPN) on staff whose responsibility is to oversee the quality of care provided by the company’s caregivers and to assist with their training.

Does your company have a licensed social worker on staff?

Midwest Family Care's Director of Operations, Lynn Cooper, is a a licensed social worker. Lynn works side-by-side with our clients’ families to identify resources available in the community such as durable medical equipment, family support, and condition-specific professional associations that can be utilized in conjunction care plans.

How do you select your employees?

Midwest Family Care’s selection process for hiring caregivers consists of the following steps:

  1. All applications are reviewed and screened for job requirements

  2. An initial phone interview is conducted with qualified applicants.

  3. We invite candidates for an in-person interview.

  4. We run complete professional and personal references, criminal, and driver’s background checks.

  5. We hold an orientation and training session after a job offer is accepted.